Why Appoint Us?

We speak plain English

We work hard to make sure that the advice we give is

in language that means something to you.

We want you to feel confident that you are getting the

best advice in the most practical way.

We know what we're

With 2 chartered certified accountants and 6 support staff

we're able to put together a tailored, personal service that

can help at all levels.

It means you get the best advice, at all times, without

feeling you're paying through the nose for it.

talking about

We've been there a long time

V J Hancock was founded in 2003 and since then has worked

with local businesses across Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire,

as well as further afield.

Because we're helping people like you, day-in-day out,

we understand the worries you have, as well as the

steps you need to take.

straight answer

You'll always get a

Plain speaking is something we pride ourselves on and

something our clients say they value.

If you ask us a straight question you can rely on us to give

translate into action.

you a clear, well thought out response that can

We understand your business

We think it makes a difference, the fact that we only work

with owner managed businesses.

It means we can understand the things that are important

to you and the pressures you're under.

We recognise the importance

of value for money

Every penny counts. We get it. The last thing you need is

an accountant saving you money only to bill even more.

We work hard to structure our teams, work and billing

so as to give you the best value, such as fixed fee projects.

You get what you need

things at different stages of its lifespan.

We understand that a growing business needs different

That's why we make it our business to adapt as you need us to.

Our services span everything from start-up advice through

to profit extraction plans and day-to-day book keeping

and accounting requirements.

Whatever you need - we're here to help.

We're listening

It's important that you feel you have a team that you can

trust to actually hear what you're saying.

Plain speaking advice won't work unless we've first taken

the trouble to listen to you and understand the challenges

you face and the solutions you need.

Our clients tell us that this is one of the things they most

value about our approach.

You can rely on us

When the chips are down you can relax, knowing we're

there to support you at every step.

From remembering your annual tax returns and obligations,

when you're too busy to even think, right through to being

at the end of the phone when you have a question or worry.

We take the worry away

We want you to think that we're part of your in-house team,

rather than a faceless outsourced supplier.

The best way we can do this is by taking the worry away.

With us by your side you can relax knowing that your

legal and financial obligations are looked after by experts.


“Val provides a personal, professional service. She has answered my questions and explained various tax related issues to me in a meaningful, non-technical way.”Alison